Not Known Knots – Introduction

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    69 Knot

A few not known knots deserve to be much better known and more widely used:

These knots are relatively easy to tie and untie, and are stronger and/or more secure than knots commonly used for the same purpose. I recommend these knots for general purpose use such as camping. Other than the alpine butterfly, these are not knots for climbing or other use when human safety is at stake. When human safety is an issue, use the proper widely-accepted climbing knot for the purpose.

A few years ago while preparing for a fishing trip with my daughters, I learned the excellent Palomar knot for attaching hook to line. This peaked my interest in knots in general, which I had not explored since many years ago in Boy Scouts. The first thing I learned was that much of what the Boy Scouts taught me was wrong. For example:

  • square knot (or reef knot) should never be used as a bend (i.e. to tie two ropes together);
  • taut-line hitch (or rolling hitch) works much better when the second loop rides over the shoulder of the first; and
  • clove-hitch – while occasionally useful – is not a secure hitch.

As I continued to explore Animated Knots by Grog – a superb resource for knot knowledge – I discovered a few vastly under-praised not known knots. My humble aim here is to sing their praises and hopefully do my tiny part to bring them into wider use.